Chesterton early morning sun and snow 2
Snow Chesterton Feb 14
Chesterton late evening from west

Thanks for taking a look at my site. I hope that you enjoy your stay and if you like (or dislike) the site then please let me know. For those who are not aware, Chesterton is a very small hamlet adjacent to the A605, approximately five miles west of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. Please be aware that there are two Chesterton's in Cambridgeshire, the other being part of Cambridge itself.
  Small in size but big in history with the whole area rich in Roman history. In this site, I will give a brief history of the village, show you around St Michaels church, and hopefully (eventually!!) have a page on here which lists names and dates of people buried in the church grounds or who have markers in the church itself. I hope that this will be of use to those tracing their family trees, who have ancestors who come from our village.
  The old photographs section of the site will show antique photographs from Chesterton, and neighbouring Alwalton. I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has any old photographs that they think I would be interested in.
    If you are visiting from out of the area, please sign the visitors book, sincere best wishes
  Robin Peel site owner


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Snow Chesterton Feb 62
chesterton sunset 2
Chesterton bench and cross
Tompkins Farm

I am including old photographs where I can get them, but it has not been easy to get many of these. If you have any old photographs of the village please get in touch and I will be very pleased to hear from you. Above left, dancing on the lawns of the Priory, top right and Teddy Tompkins farm, now long since gone. Bottom left and an earlier picture of Tompkins farm with family posing with their horse and cart. To the right of that, an Alwalton school Nativity. I think this would date from the early 1950's as my mother is playing the part of the Virgin Mary.