Alwalton school finally closed in 1981, after more than 100 years. With just 42 pupils at the school at the time of the closing it was seen as uneconomical to keep it running. The headmaster at the time was Mr Roland Stocks with Mary Fowler, who had been at the school since 1947, and Christine Northwood being the other members of staff. Each pupil was given a souvenir pen to mark the school's closing and the pupils were sent to either Orton Church Of England School or St Botolph's County Junior School.


Going back many years there was once no need for the children of Chesterton to cross the A1 to get their education. There was once a school in Chesterton, close to the Priory I am informed...but I have absolutely no information on this or when it closed. If anyone is able to help with any details then I would be very grateful.


Please see the following pages for Alwalton school photographs going back to the 1920's.