Village Green and Cottage

Chesterton's neighbouring village is Alwalton, with the two villages being separated by the A1. Whilst Chesterton is tiny with no village shop, no pub and no School Alwalton is very much the larger of the two, having a Post Office a Pub and, until the early 1980's, there was also a school.
  Alwalton has a very beautiful church, St Andrews, and has some very old and very beautiful cottages. A walk down Mill Lane leads to a walk along the river Nene and if you were to walk over to neighbouring Castor, you would be in an area rich in Roman history.
  Anyway, a few modern views of this exquisite village, and a few from the Nene at Alwalton and a little of the wildlife to be found. For more photographs of St Andrews church, Alwalton, just click on the link provided below....

Alwalton Weir
Motor Baot at Alwalton
Going Home At The End Of The Day