An Autumn Walk october 2009

This was a walk that I enjoyed enormously. It was a Sunday afternoon in mid to late October 2009. I decided to head off in a direction that was not my usual choice for a walk.

    I picked up the public right of way just after the western end of the village and headed off in to the fields in the vague direction of Elton Furze Golf Club, to try and capture some shots of the beautiful Autumn colours.

    The church in the photographs to the left and immediately below is the church of St Kyneburgha at Castor.

    This church, above all others in this area, dominated the landscape for miles around. It is quite beautiful.

Autumn Colours 1 Autumn Colours 2 Autumn colours 3 Autumn colours 4 Autumn colours 5 Autumn colours 6 Autumn colours 8 Autumn Colours 9 Autumn colours 10 autumn colours 11 autumn colours 12

For the majority of the time that I was out there was glorious late afternoon sunshine.

    However, there is a very large and very dead tree on the route that I took and just before I got there there some cloud came over, just for a short while. I tooka few photographs of this tree, with cloud cover behind and the sun attempting to break through the clouds and the end results were quite pleasing.

    This is always a beautiful time of the year to be out and about. The light quality was just superb and the subtle shades of colours in the hedgerows and the fields were delightful.

    Made my way back home as the sun started to set. Time well spent!

autumn colours 13