More Bygone Alwalton

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This is my favourite postcard from Alwalton or Chesterton. The detail in this one is amazing. Just look at the young girl leaning over the fence feeding the horse. Behind the two male cyclists in the centre of the photograph, a young man watches the horse intently...or is he paying more attention to the girl feeding the horse!  Someone who wasn't paying attention was the caption writer for this postcard...who describes this as being Alwanton near to Peterborough!

   The postcard shows this staged group standing outside the Wheatsheaf public house, with St Andrews as always, prominant in the background. The photograph would have been taken from close to where the Blacksmiths was.

   Below, a lovely postcard showing a young child walking towards the gates of St Andrews. By the costume, it looks as if it is Edwardian and doubtless a Winter day as no leaves in the trees. I wonder if there was as many squirrels in the churchyard in those days as there are today!

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Below, two views of the Village Green at Alwalton. The top photograph is shot from close to the lovely white thatched cottage on Mill Lane, looking towards the green. Please note, just a single sapling on the green and not the two full grown trees that there are today! Below that, a treeless village green can be seen again on the left hand side of this photograph, with two lovely seventeetn century cottages featured mid photo.