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Really, nothing much changed in this view of Alwalton over the last ninety years or so. The Post Office lookes pretty much the same, with the exception of the sculptured bushes at the front.

   St Andrews church still stands as porud as ever. Possibly this photograph was taken on a Saturday or Sunday morning as there is a group of cyclist gathered outside the pub.


This photograph of Alwalton was very kindly provided by Paul Young from Nene Digital Photography.

   I originally thought that this was a view of the old Vine Terrace in Alwalton, but I now think that this is a view of the old Almshouses. I can remember that allotments were taken up on this area after these houses were demolished.

   The new Vine Terrace now stands on the same ground.

A very interesting shot of Alwalton. One buggy parked in front of the Post Office (in those days just a grocers I believe) with another buggy coming in the other direction. Some faint areas of this picture appear to have been "touched up" at some point over the years.

The banks of the Nene at Alwalton were a popular place for walkers in Victorian and Edwardian times, with this postcard reflecting this. All is not as it might seem though as the couple in the picture appeared in postcards for places all over the country. Their images were cut out and then mounted on to a photograph of the Lynch before the postcard was mass produced.

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The Lynch, and the banks of the Nene, were very popular with Postcard producers. In Edwardian times, the golden age of collecting postcards, several were published featuring the Lynch and the Nene at Alwalton, some of which are included above.