Some photographs taken during the church restoration during the 1990's, all photos supplied by Terry Glover.


4509340834.jpg 4509340852.jpg 4509355576.jpg

.....Familiar views taken from an unfamiliar angle!! Two photos taken by Terry Glover from St Michaels spire whilst renovation was underway. Picture on the left shows a view down on Chesterton Priory whilst the photo on the right also shows the Priory, but this time looking the other way. Eagle eyed viewers (and those who decide to blow this picture up!!) will see someone mowing their lawn. They will also be able to pick out the Little Chef and the industrial estates the other side of the A1. Lovely photos and thanks again to Terry for letting me borrow them.

4517552035.jpg 4509341070.jpg 4509568123.jpg 4509568138.jpg

Below, two more views taken from the top of St Michaels. Top, looking South and bottom looking West, with the A605 stretching out in to open countryside as it makes its way to Elton