Church Roof Graffiti

The photographs on this page all feature pieces of lead from the church roof. As pieces have been replaced over the years several have been found to have names and dates engraved on them...with several having the impression of the person's foot carved in to the lead as well. Some of these are featured here.

   The first one is in some ways one of the more interesting. R Hibbert carved the impression of his foot, and carved his name, in 1940. Perhaps this was the work of a bored firewatcher, perched on the church roof during the Second World War. A quick check on the Baptism Register shows that R Hibbert was not baptised at St Michaels. If anyone knows who this would be then please E Mail me and let me know.


4518208012.jpg 4518208057.jpg

Well, the picture left is undated but I am tempted to say that FW was not the greatest artist that has ever visited the village. I am sure that his feet were not that shape!!!

  Below left, TME poppued up to the roof and carved his initials in 1885.

    AE and TC both carved their initials in the 1880's. The dates are difficult to read but it looks like 1880 and 1884.

   Bottom photo shows an impression of a foot from 1859, with the initials TJC.

   So there we are, proof that vandalism is not purely a modern day occurrence!


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