Chesterton Parish Councillors

Chairman    Brian C. Wright   The Chestnuts, Priory Garden.

Deputy          Brenda Asplin, 4 Oundle Road, Chesterton,


Chairwoman/Treasurer   Mrs Jill Ivens, Hill Farm, Chesterton.

Clerk             John A. Pither   41, Oundle Road, Chesterton.


Councillors   Laurence Barton, Abbots House, Priory Gardens,  Chesterton.

                        Terence Glover, 39 Oundle Road, Chesterton.

                        Arthur Guest, 31 Oundle Road, Chesterton.

                        Jeffrey King, 42 Oundle Road, Chesterton.

                        Mrs Denise Weed  9 Oundle Road, Chesterton.

                        Mrs Mary Wragg, 35 Oundle Road, Chesterton.


Chesterton Web Site Owner

Robin Peel,   40 Oundle Road, Chesterton, Peterborough.

Contact: [email protected]









4509567874.jpg 4509567908.jpg

Above left, Web site owner pictured at 18 months old. Also in picture, mother Annetta and cousin Carolyn. Native Chestertonians will no doubt have spotted that Tompkins farm is in picture and before demolotion. Also, note Keith Starmer's car in his driveway.

Pictured right, web site owner at 12 months. Please note TV with about four inch screen (partly in shadow in top left of picture), and red and white teddy which Robin played with until he was about 19!!!! Pictured right, website owner a few years later...makes you wonder what happened!! My E Mail address is at the bottom of this page if you would like to get in touch regarding this site.