Alwalton & Chesterton school football team from 1974. Mix and match strip, 12 different kinds of socks and Mr Stocks as manager/physio. Please note Kevin Layton's Leeds United top with the "Smiley Face" logo on it. In those long ago days of no sponsorship whatsoever, this top doubled very nicely as a goalkeeping jersey. Hoenstly, look at the state of us!!! At the risk of sounding really old...these kids today don't know they're born!!!  We had two matches a season, home and away versus Thornhaugh and from memory on the same afternoon the girls normally played the same opposition at Netball.
























Alwalton & Chesterton womens team formed to play a one off match in 1977, on the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations. The match was played on the school playing field with the women beating a team of men from the village 1-0. Eagle eyed amongst you might see downtrodden trainer Neil Watson being walked all over by his team. Thanks to Judy King for the loan of the photo.

























Chesterton has never been a hot bed of the football world but, in the late 1970's, the village, along with Alwalton,  did form a football team which competed in a local Sunday League. Known as Alwalton & Chesterton FC the club played on land loaned to them by local landowner Hanson Waterworth. He is pictured back row fourth from the left in the picture above, which was taken before kick off in the clubs first fixture at home to Gordon Arms. That original game was watched by a crowd of more than 100 with Mark Marchant (2), brother Peter Marchant and Steve Scotney finding the net for the home side.

     Facilities were really good for the level the club played at and the playing surface was superb. A large wooden building housed the changing rooms and, thanks to Brian Fish who is pictured second from the lft on the back row, the club trained under floodlights using some loaned from Vibroplant.

    At its peak, the club was sometimes playing two matches a day with a junior side being formed. In the days before live television football it was good to see the adults play in the Mid Anglia League on a Sunday  morning and the juniors play in the afternoon.

    Good days, no matter whatever the result!! Sadly the club hit a poor run of form and interest dwindled. The club folded soon after the tragic death of one of the founder members Alec Mortlock from Alwalton who was killed in a roofing accident.


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