I hope that the names listed below might be of interest and help to those tracing their family history. If you have ancestors who come from the village then please refer to the list below. If you can find a name thatis of interest to you, please drop me a line and I will be pleased to pop over to the church and take a photograph of the marker for you should you wish.

The inscriptions are covered in three pages. This page looks at interior monuments and the three wall plaques on the south exterior wall of the church.

A second page looks at the graves on the east side of the church grounds. A third page looks at the graves on the west side of the church grounds.



Deborah, wife of Revd John Fowke  d 1808

Revd John Fowke d 1813

Revd Lord George Gordon Rector d 1862

& Charlotte Anne (Vaughan) his relict d 1879


Deborah Fowke  d  1808

John Toon  d  1831

Mary  daughter of John and Rebecca Toon  d 1831


Bigland, son of Isaac and Orme Bayley  d 1739....Orme daughter of the same d 1739....Orme Bayley  d 1745....Isaac Bayley Gent d 1751........Esther daughter of Isaac and Orme Bayley d 1760 & Orme her sister d 1757.


Richard Edwards  d 1730

Martha Standish  d 1781

John Willimott d 1788


Wall plaques on the south wall at st michael

Hannah Smith

died Dec 18th 1817  ages 70 years.

Exterior wall pladue 3 Exterior Wall plague 1 Exterior wll plaque 2

James Henry Woolley

died Feb 4th 1841 aged 38 years.

William Collier

died May 15th 1825 aged 48 years

recorded on the same plaque his wife (her name being illegible) 10 died Dec 10th 1853 aged 77 years.