Modern images from the village. Top left, this is actually from Alwalton, our neighbouring village, this gatehouse was once part of Chesterton House which was bulit around 1600 and demolished in 1807. This is now a holiday cottage and it can be found in Water End, at the side of the old school. Top right is a picture of Manor Farm.

    Pictured second down on the left, is the mound at the top of Ivens Hill. This has been described as a Roman Signal Station whilst others have said that it is an ancient Barrow. It is situated at the highest point of the village and there is a clear view across to where the Roman Pretorium was at Castor a few miles distant. This is the second largest Roman Palace ever excavated in this country. The church at Castor stands where the courtyard would have been. It would also have been well situated for the Roman Military Garrison at Durobrivae a mere two or three miles North. I found a thory on the internet which suggested that a windmill once stood on this mound in the Middle Ages.    To the right of that, horses behind the houses on Oundle Road.

    The white farmhouse is a familiar sight at the side of the Northbound carriageway of the A1. This was an inn in past days and some research for this site showed that when building work was being done on this building in the 1800's some Roman graves were found, with one report suggesting that it was a plague pit!!!! More of that in the Chesterton history section of this site.



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