Pictured above, two photographs of Teddy Tompkins farm, long since demolished, which stood just about where Mrs Fish's bungalow stands today. From what I am told, Teddy Tompkins used to sell milk from his horse and cart. Thanks to Terry Glover for the photos.


 Below, and a very rare photo of Wisteria Cottage, which was demolished in the early 1960's. Below, and another photo of Wisteria Cottage. Bottom left and a coach trip of Alwalton and Chesterton schoolchildren look forward to a trip to Hunstanton, dating probably from late 1940's. Below right, Arthur Reedman working the fields in 1957.


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An interesting photo this one, which was found in the possessions of Gladys Bass after her death.. It appears that the picture was taken in front of Chesterton Priory but I have no more details than that. Taking the picture out of its frame I found that it was autographed on the back by the following...

Joan K. Daswill, Dorothy E. Clark, Joan Laming, Margaret Hill, Effie Paton and Irene Yorath.

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The view below ia taken from opposite the terraced farm buildings at the Elton end of the village. You will notice a great gaping hole where the Hillier, King, Pither, Peel, Glover and Starmer houses are. The Tompkins farm stands where Mrs Fish lives now. This unobstructed view of St Michaels can now not be had. Don't know when this photograph dates from but it must be pre 1963 or thereabouts as that was when the houses mentioned above were built.The main A605 road in to Peterborough didn't look up to much!!