Pictured above, a Christmas nativity play featuring children from Alwalton and Chesterton. My own mother Annetta Bass, later to become Annetta Peel after marrying John Peel who lived in Alwalton, is playing the part of the Virgin Mary. I think that the play is being performed in St Andrews Church Alwalton and I would estimate that the date would be from the very late 1940's or early 1950's. These pictres were originally published in the local press at the time. Below the nativity pictures is a picture of some girls dancing, which I believe took place at the Priory. Okay, the picture is very battered and creased...and it also happens to be one of my most favourite pictures on this site. If you blow up the picture just take a look at some of the "severe" clothes that the grown ups are wearing!! A fascinating snap shot of long ago Chesterton.

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