Two old images of St Michaels church, Chesterton. These days we very rarely get any falls of snow worth mentioning. What a beautiful, Wintry scene is captured in the photograph on the left though.

   Chesterton appears to have been hit with a few inches of snow here, with this picture I think dating from the 1950's.

   Looks as if the snow was blowing from the South East, also please note no weather cock on the top of the church. As late as the mid 1970's I saw the original cock in Mr Parkers shed...complete with bullet holes! I was told once that the American troops stationed here during the Second World War had used it for target practice!

   Below, and the oldest photograph of St Michaels that I have seen. This was taken from a postcard, and the date is 1908. The photograph looks as if it was taken from the grounds of the Priory. Interesting to see that the trees on the right hand side of the photograph are still there nearly 100 years later.

4517651829.jpg 4517995548.jpg august07

The above photograph was very kindly E Mailed in by Rosemary Hughes, who found her way to this site recently. It covers a bus outing with the date possibly being late 1950's?.

I would be interested to see if anyone looking at this remembers, and could put names, to any faces.

Sincere thanks to Rosemary for sending in the photograph.