Snow in chesterton December 2009

December 2009 and the snow came again, and was on the ground for a long

time. At no point did the severity of the snow match that which we had seen

back in February 2009 but it was so cold that the snow was, to all intents and purposes, on the ground for the best part of a month. Photographs on this page all come from this period, with the photograph above right taken as people were making their way to Chesterton's Candlelit Carol service, held a few days before Christmas.

    Having said earlier that the severity of the snow did not match that seen in February 2009, those who were out in it on that first Friday will doubtless say that it was heavy enough. Just take a look at the photograph of my cycle, taken after I was in from work!


Chesterton winter sunshine.jpg resize Chesterton snow christmas 2009 Alwalton Santa.jpg RESIZE Chesterton Snow Dec 15.jpg RESIZE sNOWMAN MANOR HOUSE snow dec 2009 field Snow december 2009 fields 2 st andrew in blizzard

The two photographs above were taken on my way home from work on the Friday afternoon. We were let out of work early due to the dreadful road conditions. As you can see, there was very heavy snow by the time that I had made my way to Alwalton. The church of St Andrew is pictured above left, with santa and his reindeer enjoying the snow in a Chriatmas display outside the old blacksmiths cottage at Alwalton. Pictured below poor cycle upon reaching home!

snowbound cycle St Michael lights in snow Robin snow Sunset snow dec 09 St Andrew gargoyle icicle Snow sunset tree