The morning of Thursday February 5th 2009 saw the heaviest fall of snow for many years, around six inches of snow falling in two hours on Chesterton and the surrounding area.. Early on in the day, the main A605 was very badly affected, with four wheel drive vehicles being just about the only things moving for a time. There was an unconfirmed report of a solitary, and very brave/foolhardy cyclist, who was seen peddling towards Elton during the morning! I do not have photographic evidence to back up this amazing claim!!




Holiday On Ice! Snow Chesterton Feb 8 Snow Chesterton Feb 14 Snow Chesterton Feb 62 Snow Chesterton Feb 60 Snow Chesterton Feb 19 Snow Chesterton Feb 33

  I had a brief look at the road at about 7-40AM, and soon discounted any ideas of cycling to work. Thw walk was equally as dangerous, and with all buses off the road there was no option but to have the day off of work. This was the second time in 24 years that I have been forced at home by the weather!

   Early on in the morning, things were particularly bad for vehicles coming up the slip road off of the A1 Northbound. A couple of tractors from the farm helped pull a few stranded drivers up the hill, and things were much improved with a rare sighting of a snow plough. Like the buses, you do not see one for ages and then two pop up together.

   Interesting that in days past, the village kids would sledge down Ivens Hill. These days the sledges are mostly gone, being replaced by snowboards, a lot being ridden by adults from out of the area.

    A sign advertising "Holiday On Ice" brought a smile to my face, as did the village sign asking people to drive carefully!

    Chesterton looked beautiful and it was a delight to be out enjoying the snow. Snow brings out the child in us all, which is no bad thing. Two snowmen seen in the village and they were both made by adults. Good on you, both of you. Me, I just wandered around with my camera all day, like a child on Christmas morning. Worries about work, credit crunch and finances forgotten for the day. What a beautiful world we live in, and how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy it!


Snow Chesterton Feb 63 Snow Chesterton Feb 80 Snow Chesterton Feb 79

Sledging down Ivens Hill, photograph taken from my front garden with zoom up at maximum!. How many reading this have sledged down this hill in past years?

Snow Chesterton Feb 29 Snow Chesterton Feb 16 Snow Chesterton Feb 6

The main A605 is hidden somewhere under the snow in the picture above!

Snow Chesterton Feb 20