Snowstorm 2

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The photographs on this page were provided by Tracy Seymour, and sincere thanks for E Mailing them over and allowing them to be uploaded. The two views immediately above and below are both looking West with a tint in the sky as the sun starts to go down. Whoever the sun had been shining on can count themselves fortunate, as there was precious little shining on us at this time!  I particularly like the top picture with the horses in a bleak looking landscape. Gorgeous!

Two more photographs from Tracy. Above, and looking West early on on the morning of February 5th. The A605 sadly not looking at its safest in this shot! To the right and a great Elvis snowman. Tracy told me that it took an hour to make...and that was an hour well spent! Sadly, as I went past on the way to work the following morning, Elvis was leant over at a precarious angle and the top half had come off completely by the time that I came back home.