June 2007 STORMS

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June 2007 was one of the wettest, most depressing, months seen for quite some time. For the most part Chesterton was fortunate in missing the worst of the downpours. A few isolated claps of thunder was the worst that we had when others in the UK were suffering some really bad conditions. The end of the month was by far the worst. On the Firday afternoon before the village fete, Jeff King and Terry Glover watched from the top of Iens Hill as a huge twister formed high in the clouds, causing widespread panic in Peterborough five miles away. Three days later I, perhaps unwisely, went on my evening walk and saw some pretty amazing cloud formations. Some horrendously bad weather was heading North West, and it went dark about 45 minutes before it should have!! Later that night, the North of the UK was hit very badly with Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham all suffering severe floods, and sadly some loss of life.