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Some people who know  Chesterton might be surprised to know that there as once a coal yard in the village. This was owned by brothers Arthur and William Reedman. Coal was delivered by horse and cart with Tony the horse providing the horsepower. Sadly, whilst on a coal round in the very late 1950's William Reedman collapsed on the cart and died. I have seen very few pictures over the years that show anything of the coal yard but I hope that the following might be of interest.


Pictured, above left Arthur leads gentle giant horse Tony on his rounds. Pictured above right and just why my father John Peel, is posing in front of a coal heap is something that is open to question!!!

Pictured below left, another picture of Tony, who was well known in the village. Below right, the Reedman brothers bag up coal in Chesterton coal yard in the 1950's. If anyone has any photos of the coal yard I would be delighted to hear from them.