Top left is the tomb of William Beville who died in 1483/84. He was a member of the Beville family who owned Beville Manor, one of the four manors in Chesterton at that time. The other photos are all of the Beville Monument, which was put up to commerorate Sir Robert Beville who died in 1602 and his son, also named Robert, who died in 1634. These Bevilles lived in Chesterton Hall, which was built by Sir Robert Beville in about 1600 and demolished in 1807. Little of Chesterton House remains but the gatehouse is preserved in Alwalton, at the side of the old school, and is currently used as a holiday home, administered by the Landmark Trust. The picture above left is a close up of part of the Beville monument, several photos of which can be found elsewhere on this site. The representation of the sons and daughters at the bottom of the monument is very interesting as, as you can see pictured, there is a "ghosted" image of a head to be found at the side of one of the daughters. I have heard it said that this represents twins...but I have also heard it said that it could represent a still born child. If anyone knows for sure then please let me know.





Pictured Left is the Driden Monument  This commemorates John Driden who inherited the Manor of Chesterton through his wife, who was one of the co heirs of the last Sir Robert Beville. he was the cousin to the poet John Dryden. This momument is also to be found in St Michaels Church.


Pictured  below is the tomb of Lord George Gordon, who was the rector of Chesterton for 45 years. Look closely and you will notice the Gordon family coat of arms on the top of the tomb. Lord George Gordon died in 1862.

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After the request for information an the "Ghosted" figure above, I was very pleased to receive the following reply from Linda Haynes in America....

Robert Beville and Joan Lawrence Beville, the couple on the left side of the monument, had two sons and seven daughters.  One of the  daughters, Susannah, was baptized at St. Michael's 28 Nov 1570, and  she was buried at the church in May, 1571, so she was only six months  old when she died.  So probably she is the "ghosted" image, and the  other six full size figures are her sisters.  According to my book on  the Bevilles,  the record of her baptism and burial is in the parish  register.

        Sincere thanks for your interest Linda.

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